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Private Lessons 

Don't miss out on private tailored teaching and learning for your child!

Online Education

What do we provide?

The British Tuition School is a private tuition company that works on bringing experienced teaching to the comfort of your home. We have qualified teachers who come from a wide range of experiences. Would you like to get ahead in your studies? This is the perfect opportunity to start! Don't miss out!


English is a fundamental part of the curriculum. With a strong foundation this subject, you are guaranteed to achieve well in all subjects.


Phonics improves the accuracy of a child's reading. We are proud to have individuals trained in programmes such as Read, Write Inc. Don't delay and book your first session!


Science is the study of life around us! This subject allows pupils to gain a deeper understanding of life. If your child chooses to pursue a scientific career then the focus on science in important. 


Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thought and logic. Statistically, Maths is said to be the hardest subject. With tailored teaching, your child will find Maths a breeze!


Comments from parents/careers and students. If you would like to write a comment please contact your tutor. 

“When I started at ***** I was scared I wouldn't pass. With the help of  Mr I was able to get an A in my Maths Exam. Thank you Mr!”

Year 6 Student

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